Recent results in our cases.

AG negotiates a $4 million confidential settlement after winning at arbitration in insurance dispute

May 2019 – After a massive chemical fire and explosion destroyed an industrial property, AG represented the property owner in a complex insurance dispute to cover the costs of repair and lost rent. The case involved competing insurance policies and questions over the cause and origin of the fire. After a complete victory at arbitration, we were able to quickly negotiate a settlement fully compensating our client.

AG secures seven figure confidential settlement for buyer of high-risk real estate investments

May 2019 – Our client, a real estate investor, bought into two high-risk investment programs just weeks before the worldwide market crash of 2008. Due to the types of investments, our client’s position appeared to be a near total loss. An investigation led by AG showed that the investments were sham transactions, and that our client’s money had likely been stolen. Using a creative legal strategy, we were able to achieve a nearly 100% recovery.

AG team led by Joseph Barrett recovers $5 million, settlement for victim of freeway crash and his family

August 2019 – Our client was driving with his family when he had a minor collision with a commercial truck. He followed the driver of the truck, and the two pulled over to the shoulder of an offramp to inspect the damage. While he was outside inspecting the damage, another vehicle pulled off of the freeway at nearly full speed and careened into his parked car, pinning him between the two. The crash caused severe injuries while his family looked on.A team at AG led by Joseph Barrett, along with Benjamin Tryk of Tryk Law, represent the victim and his family. They successfully negotiated a settlement with the owner of the trucking company and its insurance

AG wins a $3.4 million verdict for racial harassment at the Riverside Public Utility

August 2019 – Bobby D. Harris, III was a rising star within the Riverside Public Utility, until his career was cut short by severe racial harassment, leading to his forced resignation. Witnesses described the “gang mentality” of staff who plotted to isolate and undermine Mr. Harris - the first black manager within the Public Utility. During a four-week jury trial, AG put on the case that management in the City of Riverside knew about the harassment, but caved to union pressure to replace Mr. Harris with a white supervisor. The jury found that Mr. Harris was a victim of racial harassment and that he was constructively fired when management refused to do anything about it.

AG secures $2.4 million confidential settlement in sexual battery case

October 2018 – AG negotiated a settlement of a sensitive sexual battery case on behalf of a Hollywood celebrity. Through extensive, pre-lawsuit negotiations, we were able to secure a total settlement of $2.4 million on confidential terms, preserving the privacy of our client.
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